Stickman Bangkok Interview - Stickman Thailand Nightlife and Weekly Reporter of the entertainment

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Stickman Bangkok Interview - Stickman Thailand Nightlife and Weekly Reporter of the entertainment

1:  What does stickman mean in one sentence?

My ideas about how to get the most out of life in Thailand without getting into the same troubles that can be avoided. That’s what stick man means today.

2: How did you get that name?

To cut a very long story short when I was still at school I got a part time job at a cinema. I can remember one night I was working at the cinema, actually every night an old guy would walk past the cinema with a walking stick. He had a walking sick and a wooden leg.  Then one night the manager said to me beware of that guy he is bad. I said what you mean. He said that’s the stickman, he has been convicted of sex crimes. So when I started the website there was a whole section on naughty nightlife and sex. And I though oh no I shouldn’t be doing this and then I remembered the stick man. And then I thought oh well I’m the Stickman now! That’s how the name came about

3: You never saw him in Bangkok?

(laughing) no..But he may have been here a long time ago

4: Is it difficult doing your job right now and not drinking alcohol?

Yes and no. in the last 9 or 10 months I’ve gone to being quite healthy. Eating well, exercising and drinking very little so I feel very good about myself. The other side of it if you really what to enjoy yourself in the Bangkok nightlife you really need to be drinking. In a lot of these places if you are sober and you speak reasonable Thai you get to see what really is going on and what is being said. It’s not that enjoyable. So it makes it a challenge to do the nightlife side of the site while being sober at the same time.

5: How often have you been drinking in say the last month?

Every Monday night with a friend but that is at a British pub. And maybe one other night. So only once or twice a week but that is it.

6: How many informers to you have that help you with the news?

I don’t have any formal informants. I guess a good one is Dave the Rave, as he is trustworthy. I know a lot of people and many people sent me news. Most I can’t use as I don’t know who they are, if they’re trust worthy or they have a personal agenda. So no formal informants but I have a handful of friends, where that if they told me something I would be happy to use it because they are trustworthy.

7: How is your best friend and can you tell us about him?

I guess my best friend is a Kiwi guy who runs an Asian dating web site. I am not going to say which one because he values his privacy.

8: Do you have any Thai male friends?

One. I have only got one and he lives in Sydney incidentally. In Bangkok I have none, and I don’t know any foreigners that really do. Some do and a lot of foreigners say they do to give them some type of street cred, but very few really.

9: if you have to do it all over again would you change anything about the site, your life, coming to Thailand?

I don’t like to look back to the past, only to the future, But with that said in regards to the site I would have tried to make money of it much earlier than I did. I waited way too long

10: what things do you miss most from New Zealand?

The food. Also friends, layback lifestyle, clean environment and weather. It’s an easy life. No one hassles you, you do anything you want and no one really cares. We have much more freedom in New Zealand than we have here; it’s just a different type of freedom here. But actually in terms of hassle it is much greater here. To answer the question personal freedom is better in New Zealand, oh and sports.

11: Is writing the site going to be a lifetime career or do you have anything else planned?

I enjoy doing the site, but I don’t want to do it for ever. I think it is widely known that if anybody made me a significant offer they could take it over. I have had a few offers over the years and a couple recently but it doesn’t look like anyone wants to pay a reasonable and fair offer. So while I own the site I will continue to do it

12: if you would lose the site tomorrow what would you do?

I would be unemployed, definitely unemployed. I would be quite happy; work is way down the list of priorities. It not number one for me. I think that’s a mistake a lot of people make work number one, life is too short.

13: What do you like to do when you are not working/writing

Meeting friends, walking around taking photos, eating good food, go to the beach…I am actually fairly lazy. So I am really happy not to do a lot. Reading the newspaper and news online. Going for walk, reading a good book, chasing girls online. All of these things give me a lot of pleasure

12: what was the most amazing or exciting thing you encountered when working on your site?

I never realized how popular the site was until a few years ago. The amount of people hanging out around the world for the weekly column is incredible. And if its late the number of emails I get is huge. I have people literally pleading with me not to stop the weekly column. Which is nice but scary at the same time. I am just writing about what is going on I am not actually doing very much.

13: Your site was closed a while ago? What was that?

It was just the right time to takes a break. The reader’s submissions were still going up but just not the weekly column.

14: What was the scariest or weirdest thing you encountered when doing the site?

I think the scary thing is I get a lot of crazy emails, and I get more these days than ever before. And some people are actually quite creepy. I am lot more private in that in the past I wrote a lot about was going on in my own life. These days I tend to write about what’s going on in Bangkok and not talk about myself so much. Some people have commented on that and it’s just that some people are so creepy. I mean its Bangkok and it attracts some weirdo’s. And you have got to be, maybe not careful, but you’ve got to be aware of it.

15: Do you consider going out and drinking as work?     

No I am not a big drinker, for me it is about meeting friends like you guys, where as some it’s all about the drinking, I just like to be around people I like.

16: When is the stickman book coming?

Well actually I’ve almost written a book already, but one of my author friends once told me-write one book and throw it away and start again. And your second book should be your first book. If I did sell the site I would like to write a book. There a lot of stories I have never written about on the site. But maybe some of that stuff might not endear me to certain people in Thailand.

17; if stickman wasn’t there which sites would you look at to consult the nightlife in Thailand?

The only site I look at is pattaya-secrets I don’t look at any others. I don’t look at any of the forums that’s the only one I look at

18: Tell us a little about your first job, teaching in Thailand

I used to like teaching a lot. And Thai kid are really nice.polite, respecting. I really like being in the classroom and I liked teaching but I didn’t like the other bullshit that goes with it. There is a lot of politics and a lot of nonsense and a lot of games you have to play. I don’t play games and I don’t do politics. So after many years I just had enough. Which is a shame.

19: What job did you do before you came to Thailand?

I had a computer business, that’s my back ground

20: Favorite movie?

Mosquito Coast

Favorite book?

Anything by Steve Leather or David Baldacci

21: What’s your worst experience with a Thai girl and the best one?

I think the best one we will keep private

The worst……….. I think the worst, which really wasn’t that bad was when I was meeting a really hot bird I meet online and she turned out to be a lady boy. It wasn’t that bad I just thought I was going to get laid, and in the end I went home alone.

22: Do think it is an advantage speaking Thai to a woman in Thailand?

Absolutely no question. Yes. If any Thai woman doesn’t like you speaking Thai she is not a woman you want to be involved with. If you speak Thai and speak it well. A descent Thai women will really appreciate it. It makes a big difference

23: What about the rest, like when you are stopped by the police etc.

That’s a really good question. You have to gauge the situation. Sometimes it works sometimes not. Sometimes it is useful to play the dumb foreigner. Other times to speak polite Thai and maybe even drop a name or two. It’s a judgment call, every situation is different. It also depends on how confidant you are as a person, because there is very little the police can do if you decline and your confident in yourself and willing to stand up for yourself, there nothing you can do in fact you can get them in trouble. Most people here are scared of the police so you have got to be careful. If I get stopped at a police check point late at night, I don’t do drugs and I haven’t been drinking then I won’t let them do anything. However if I had just come from a photo shoot at some bar and have 500 odd semi nude girl pictures in my camera then I would be quite polite. So it depends.

24: Ok I will say two words and you have to choose one immediately?

New Zealand sheep or Thai Buffalo?

New Zealand sheep

Nana or Cowboy?


Bangkok or Pattaya?


New Zealand or Thailand?

New Zealand

Whiskey or water?


Ass or tits?


A Hungi (Google it) or a som tum?


Red or yellow shirt?

Yellow shirt

Photography or online dating?



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